Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Happy Birthday to my boys!

Within the month, both my sons will celebrate their birthdays.  Now they aren't children anymore, they are men and it is sometimes hard for me to believe just how old they are.  When I look at them, most times I see my little boys and remember what life was like when they were little.  So, on the occasion of their respective birthdays, I decided I wanted to list some of what I miss.

1.  Holding hands while walking. That lasted till about age 8.

2.  I miss them telling me the details of their lives without me having to pull teeth about it.

3.  I miss having the details of their day I do get make any kind of sense.  When they were little, it was "Star Wars, Transformers or what was for lunch at school today".  Now that they are older, it's about music ranging from marches to hip hop, Dr. Who, tattoos, jeeps, etc. Which is seriously hard to keep track of, but I try to keep track anyway even when I don't understand.

4.  I miss them laughing at my jokes instead of rolling their eyes and thinking I have early onset dementia.

5.  I miss being able to just go into a store, buy them things, and leave. Now that their personal tastes and styles are more individually developed, shopping is a major production and therefore gift cards are the new norm.  I prefer to shop over giving gift cards.

6.  I miss how they always wanted their mom when they were feeling sick.  No one could make them feel better more than their mom.  Now, they count on the wife or girlfriend to take care of them.

7.  I miss the theme song from "Underdog" played a hundred times on a clarinet.

8. I miss being told that I have to behave and be quiet at baseball, football, soccer games, movies and concerts because I am embarrassing them. Though I do still get that every now and then.

9. I miss singing "Beer for my Horses" in the car.

10. I miss the sound of little, slippered footsteps sneaking into my bedroom in the early morning to
wake me up.

11. I miss being told not to call them "sweetie" or "baby" or kiss them in public because their friends might see or hear it.

12. I miss homemade cards and gifts that they were so proud to give.

13. I miss when they told me everything (even things I didn't want to know) and expected me to keep their secrets (though it still happens now and again).

14. I miss how they would roll their eyes and say "aw, mom" when I would pull out the baby pictures to show others.

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