Sunday, September 18, 2022

Sunday Summary

 Sunday Summary for the Week of Sept. 12

**donated many CDs & Books to library used book sale.  The proceeds go to providing breakfasts and lunches to children in local daycare facilities.

**did some more downsizing this past week.  I find it hard to let things go but I have found that when they are going for a good cause then it gets easier to let things go.  Also, whenever I am trying to decide whether to let something go or not, I ask myself if my children will want it after I am gone.  If the answer is no, then it goes.

**got the paperwork together to get enhanced driver licenses for B and me.

**visited with neighbor who just got back from California where her husband had a stem cell transplant.

**started a new book series, "Beyond the Page Bookstore Mysteries" by Lauren Elliott.  Book 1 is a good read so far.  It looks like I will be looking for more in this series.

**went for a ride with B on Saturday.  Stopped at a couple fresh fruit and vegetable stands along the way.  Picked up cucumbers, apples, corn, peppers, potatoes and tomatoes

These are the girls at the farm across the road from us.  I have always enjoyed watching them just do their thing.  Very relaxing to watch.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Saturday something

I am sharing a letter to the editor that was published in our local newspaper this past week.
I normally do not share these but this one resonated with me in a positive way.

        "Where did my America go?
           I want my America back.
          The America that opened its arms to my immigrant ancestors.
          The America that generations of our brave military fought to preserve our democracy
          and freedom.
          The America where our flag was respected and saluted.
          The America where a difference of opinion did not lead to violence.
          The America where different cultures, religions or sexual orientation were not hated
          and attacked.
          The America where you felt safe to congregate and send your children to school.
          The America where politicians ran on a platform of their accomplishments and goals not
          by trying to tear down, insult and slander their opponents.
          The America where the children were able to look up to adults as good examples.
          The America where there was a sense of right and wrong and people were held
          accountable for their actions.
          The America whose national anthem brought tears to my eyes.
          I want to be able to say "I am proud to be an American."
          Let's all get together.  We can do this."