Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Running Away From Home

My husband and I ran away from home.  Oh, we didn't go far, just 3 hours away to the Green Bay/Appleton, WI area.  But, nonetheless, we ran away from home for a few days.  We knew it was time to run away as cabin fever (or as I like to call it "The February Nutsies") came over both of us.  It had been snowing off and on for the last two weeks which means we had been stuck close to home.  Telemarketers and phone scammers had somehow made it their life mission to ring our phone all day and night.  TV, whether it be news or so called entertainment, had lost all its appeal.  A change of scenery is what was called for in this situation and if we didn't do it soon, one or both of us would have been in mortal danger  (we figured it out one year that we have to run away at least once a month, no matter the season, to preserve our individual and couple sanity).
We usually stay in Green Bay and then go to Appleton (1/2 hour away) the following day.  In Appleton, we visited the Fox River Mall and shopped till we dropped (or more till my husband dropped into a lounge chair and refused to move).  Then it was on to my happy place, Barnes & Noble, where I spent time browsing and shopping for more books and then sat myself down in the cafe to read while enjoying a vanilla cappucino grande and an asiago stuffed pretzel.  I could live in Barnes & Noble.  It has everything: bathrooms, soft couches, music, food & best of all, books.  After Barnes & Noble, we went to my husband, Butch's happy place which is the antique mall.  He spent at least 2 hours in there just going up and down every aisle.  Restaurants and movies and sightseeing are the norm on these short runaways.  Nothing planned in advance except for hotel reservations.  Just a need to get away and re-energize to face another month of the UP winter.
Now where shall we run away to in March?

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