Thursday, April 21, 2016


I have written in diaries/journals for a good portion of my life.  I enjoy it.  I find it very therapeutic, calming, meditative to put my ideas, thoughts, opinions, etc. down on paper. It helps me put many things that might cause me stress into a perspective where I can see the upside of a situation or understand what happened in a situation that went what I considered the wrong way.  I have always been a fan of writing out my journals in long hand.  The feel of the pen in my hand writing my private words on paper feels as if the stresses of the day are leaving me just as the ink leaves the pen.  I enjoy looking through bookstores, office supply stores, stationery stores, etc. for journals of different shapes and sizes and I have a large collection of empty journals on the top shelf of my closet waiting to be used.  It is only since I retired that I have gone somewhat digital in my journal writing.  One of my journals is a 3-ring binder.  Now, normally, I would not use a binder.  I like journals that are more unique but in this case since I had decided to create this journal digitally, a 3-ring binder was a better choice.  Now I type my writings for this journal on my computer, print it out, punch holes in it and add it to the journal.  This is more of a miscellaneous journal with all kinds of different topics and themes represented as I still like to write out my personal journal in ink and longhand.

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