Saturday, May 28, 2016

Happy Day!!

I admit husband is addicted to lawn mowing.  He loves it and since we live on farmland, he has lots of opportunities to mow and mow and mow.  The greatness of his addiction to it was evident these past 2 weeks.  Ever since the weather got better, he has been working on our lawnmower to get it ready.  Now this lawnmower is old and he has nurtured it for the last 2 years to make it thru another summer.  This year, however, it was not going to make it no matter how much he did to it.  So, my husband made the ultimate decision to get a new one.  He went one morning to the store and returned with a big smile on his face saying he had purchased a new riding lawnmower.  When I inquired as to the price, he started off by saying, "now let me tell you about it first."  This is not a good sign.  It turns out he bought one of the top of the line mowers and paid a fair amount of money for it.  I was not happy but since this is his only vice, we will overlook it.  It couldn't be delivered until Saturday and wouldn't you know that after all the heat and sunshine of last weekend and the 5 days of rain this week, our grass has grown very high and the dandelions are reproducing like crazy.  Seeing the lawn like that was very hard on him.  It made my husband as antsy as a kid on Christmas waiting for Saturday.   This morning (Saturday), we got a call at 7:30am to let us know the mower would be delivered later this morning.  My husband was up, dressed and waiting patiently for it.  The truck just came and, what a sight, a 70 year old man all excited watching them take it off the truck.  Lawnmower Christmas has come to our house!

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