Thursday, November 10, 2016

Nov.10, 2016

I have tried very hard not to express opinions on my blog about politics.  It was a mean nasty campaign and by speaking to it on here, I felt like I would be feeding into it. 

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day trying to understand what happened and how anyone could find that person capable of running a country.  I admit that I cried a lot and felt like I was mourning a death.

Today I read statements from many people in all walks of life.  They are saying we must unite together and go on with our lives and hope for the best.  That is all well and good for them.  For me, I am mourning...I am grieving....I am angry.  I am not ready to unite together and go on.  I love this country and everything it stands for.  Making America great again was never a slogan I prescribed to because, in my opinion, America has always been the greatest country on earth.  I am not ashamed of being an American, I am ashamed of some of its people.

So to all of you who, just 2 days after the election, can put aside your feelings of disappointment, anger and grief and hope for the best, I commend you.  For me, it's going to take a lot longer and if that makes me less of an American than you, than so be it.


  1. I'm not American, Ellen, but the results broke my husband and I. It was so very, very hard for us to go to work and go back to our lives after Tuesday. Because the President-elect is the embodiment of all that makes us suffer here.

    About 4 days after the results, I felt a gentle press on my spirit. Julian of Norwich, a medieval mystic, 'brought me' this:
    All will be well.

    It didn't bring me joy or relief. But I know enough to know that All Will Be Well means Someone Higher has got this. Every tear we shed finds its way into His hands. Not one bit of our grieving falls to the earth unheeded. He knows our pain. And I believe He will not stand by and let our countries go to rot under the reins of the wrong people. God will save us - by guiding us to do what is right to save the countries we both love and serve.

    We just have to listen out for His still, silent sound which will bear His bidding.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and reminder that we are not alone in this sad time. My anger has subsided but I find myself still in disbelief at what happened. I am not at the point where people are saying we must move on and support the new president but instead I have been praying for the strength to survive the next 4 years.