Thursday, January 5, 2017

NOT Resolutions updated for 2017

Every year on New Years Day, I write out my resolutions for the coming year.  The list seems quite long at times and although I have the best of intentions, the resolutions are usually broken and forgotten before January ends.  So this year, I am trying something new.  Instead of making a list of my new year resolutions, I am making a list of my NOT resolutions.

I published these last year (2016), but they still hold true for this year (2017).  I have updated them as some needed a bit of tweeking.

*I will NOT obsess about my weight unless absolutely nothing in my closet fits me right and/or my health becomes an issue related to it.  Unfortunately, this past year my health became an issue when I had a heart scare in July.  Since then I have done a number of things to change my life style into a more healthier one.

*I will NOT come down on my family for putting things away willy-nilly even though I personally prescribe to the theory "everything has a place and everything in its place".  I am pleased to say that a number of times when I saw something totally in the wrong place, I found myself saying, "let it go, Ellen, it's just a ...".

*I will NOT let depression take over as I watch or read about what's happening in the world today even though 80% of what is happening is dreary, despicable and depressing. What has helped most with this is limiting my viewing of news shows like CNN and avoiding discussions on topics that stress me out.

*I will NOT "sweat the small stuff" even though this goes against my OCD big time.

*I will NOT wallow in the regrets of my past but instead will focus on the future.

*I will NOT worry about what I don't have but be grateful for the blessings I do have-my husband, my children and most of all, my God.

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