Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"5 Things I Am Glad Were Invented"

There have been many things invented in the world over the years that I like very much and there are some that I scratch my head and say, "What was the purpose of inventing that?" However, there are 5 things that are my very favorite inventions and I thought I would share those with you today.

1.  Sticky Notes.   These are a super invention.  When I was teaching, these were an important item on my school supply list.  They identified papers, were mini notes to myself and others, became part of lessons and activities, super organizational tools and so much more.  At home, they were great for attaching notes for husband, sons and myself onto mirrors, tv screens, refrigerator doors, telephones and the occasional backpack and or child.

2.  Caller ID.  This is such a simple but great invention.  No more answering the phone thinking its friend or family but instead finding out it's a telemarketer (and yes, I am on the "do not call" list but still get calls). 

3.  Mute Button on TV Remote.  I love this button.  Press it and the most annoying commercials (which are most of them) become just a picture of moving mouths and politicians become automated robots that are easier to look at without hearing all the empty promises.

4.  Slo Cookers.  This is one of my favorite kitchen appliances.  Put the ingredients in the slo cooker in the morning and by dinner time you have a meal.  This is an especially great alternative to turning on the oven in the summmer and turning the kitchen into a sauna.

5.  Coffeemaker.  I adore coffee.  My day starts with coffee and keeps going thru the day and into the evening with coffee.  I love being able to set the timer and wake to the sensual smell of coffee first thing in the morning.  I love how I can make a new pot of coffee in less than 15 minutes.  Growing up my mom had one of those coffee pots you used on the stove.  Many a time, it was forgotten and then there was boiled over coffee all over the stove.

Your 5 inventions might be entirely different from mine and that's ok.  Sometimes progress brings good things in the midst of all the negatives.


  1. I loved your Number 4, Ellen. I myself received 2 - 3 as wedding gifts - one of which was surely a recycled wedding gift because the giver had previously complained to me that she had gotten four cookers for her wedding and she wasn't the 'slow cooker sort'.

    Mine's now sitting on the top most kitchen cabinet, not used these days, but back when the kids were babies and ate vegetable or chicken porridge, it was heaven-sent. I'd get it going late at night, and by the time I was up at 5 to get ready for work, it was done.

    And when I was home on maternity leave, my husband used to make me nutritious slow-boiled herbal chicken soups in that same cooker.

    It has gotten us through some tough times, and I'm forever grateful for that invention!


    1. I figured once I retired I probably wouldn't use it as much anymore but I think I use it just as much. I have never liked cooking. In fact, my husband and sons are much better cooks than I am so I let them impress me with their culinary skills. When I do cook, I use the slo cooker because the less time in the kitchen the better.