Saturday, June 3, 2017

June 3rd Thought

On my desk, I have a daily calendar that not only tells me the date but also gives me a thought for the day.  As I flipped the page to June 3rd, I was struck by the daily thought.
                                 "God adores the sound of your to Him often!"

How often do I talk to God.  I just mean talk to Him not in prayer but in conversation as in talking to a friend or family member.  Since I do not always pay attention to that specific activity, I decided to take my daily quiet time to answer the often do I talk to God?  I realized that I talk to God all the time and not always about anything special, just life in general.  For example, today I mentioned to God that whoever invented coffee was a gem and should get points for it.  I talked to Him about the beautiful day He created this morning and all the lovely birds, chipmunks and squirrels who came to enjoy the bird feeder.  Watching the news, I wondered if He was ever sad or angry at how His children were taking care of His planet and each other.  I made my daily requests of His care of my sons in whatever they were doing and asked Him to keep at least one eye glued on my husband who seems to forget how old he is and not capable of doing things as he did when he was in his 30s.  I discussed the patience I sadly lack and I laughed at how it must be His doing that I am looking and sounding like my mother every day.  Yes, I think I can safely say that I talk to God often.  How often do you talk to God in your daily life?  Think about it...the answer might surprise you.

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