Tuesday, July 26, 2022

I Am Woman!

"I Woman...Hear me roar..."  I am reminded of that song by Helen Reddy
(I am dating myself now) as I accomplished a big task yesterday.

The dead bolt on our front door had to be replaced so B decided he could do it.
He went out and purchased a new one and proceeded to work on the front door.
He got the old one off and then began installing the new one.  After listening to him
tell me for 10 minutes straight "I am not a locksmith" and share other more
colorful language, I asked if he had read the directions.  "I don't need directions.
I need a different tool." While he was in the garage looking for the "different" tool,
I read the directions and started working on the lock myself.  When he came back in,
he stood watching me.  Like a good assistant, he handed me tools when I asked for them
and held the door while I screwed the lock in.  After it was installed and I had tried it out
with the new keys and it worked, he said "How did you figure that out?"
With a big smile, I said, "I read the directions."  Was I smug?  To be honest, yes.
Was I proud of myself?  Oh, yes!


  1. Awesome job you. I really want to know why on earth men do not read directions.

    God bless.

    1. I think it's why men don't read maps either. They seem to think it's all built into them when they're born. lol

  2. Well done! Directions are often the key. :)