Saturday, January 9, 2016

Mom was ahead of her time

I am amazed at the adult coloring craze that started last year.  I can go into any bookstore or any store for that matter, and see coloring books of all kinds and they are not just for kids.  Adults have finally discovered coloring or they have been coloring all the time and are now coming out and speaking about their secret.  Professionals have been talking and writing about the healing power of coloring.  How it can help alleviate stress and put people in a more meditative state.  Manufacturers are making money on coloring books and the supplies that go with them.  Magazines and books are being written about coloring.   But what is most surprising to me is that my mom knew all this over 50+ years ago.  As far back as I can remember, my mom enjoyed coloring.  She colored in magazines, newspapers and coloring books.  She used pencils, pens and crayons to color.  She loved it.  She used to tell me how relaxing it was for her.  As she got older and found herself alone after my dad passed, she would set aside an hour or two each day to color.  Part of my Christmas gift to her each year were coloring books and a new box of colored sharpies. I have found that now I enjoy coloring as much as she did.  So when I read about this "new" craze for coloring by adults, I smile and remember and look up to heaven and say "you were ahead of your time, Mom!"

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