Monday, January 11, 2016

Trait changes

Today I was thinking about a trait I have that I would like to change.  I have had this trait for a good portion of my life and it has been known to drive my family and others crazy.  To be honest, it has driven me crazy at times.  The trait I am speaking of is patience....I don't have a lot of this.  Most of my life, I have looked at time as 2 time and everyone else's time.  Usually my time is faster than everybody else's.  Which means I want everything done in my time.  Over the years, I have had to learn that not everyone follows my time and they can get pretty upset with me about it.  I have learned to adjust and go along with someone else's time frame even though inside I can hear myself saying, "could we get started now?  This is taking too long."  In recent years I have found my patience severely tested when I am waiting on God.  It seems God's time doesn't match mine either.  When I pray to God and ask for something, I want it now.  However, God has other ideas of when and if I should receive what I asked for.  So I am trying to remember that God knows my journey better than me and that when the time is right, He will give me what I need.  It will be in His time not mine.  So I must have patience...easier said than done.

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