Thursday, March 31, 2016

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today my dad would have been 95 years old and although he has been gone 24 years, there is still a number of things I remember and miss about him.

1.  neon green duct tape.  This was my dad's favorite repair tool.
2.  hot coffee and salami sandwiches for "Santa" on Christmas Eve.
3.  when we played Trivial Pursuit one year and Dad answered all the questions with "boxing".
4.  Dad's singing and how bad it was but he always sang with gusto.
5.  how giddy he was the day he made a hole-in-one.
6.  how he would steal french fries off my plate.
7.  he loved Christmas, his favorite holiday.
8.  he showed my mom everyday how much he loved her.
9.  making fun of daddy's "soapus".
10.  having to pronounce and spell my dad's first name for teachers, friends, etc. (It's Joaquin, by the way).
11.  how daddy would do all the sewing on the sewing machine but could not sew on a button to save his life.
12.  daddy would always take the opposite side of a discussion with my husband, Butch, just to argue with him.
13.  daddy loved my mincemeat pie and arroz con pollo.
14.  daddy would always be in my corner, no matter what.
15.  I miss my dad's voice on the phone, "Hi Baby, I am coming to your house with your mother, the dog and golf balls (I live on 40 acres of land and dad like to hit golf balls out here).  I am still finding them.

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