Saturday, April 2, 2016


This morning I stood at the window and saw green grass where there had been a blanket of white just 2 weeks ago.  I watched 2 robins hop across my yard stopping every now and then to poke at a bug or worm in the ground.  I saw buds on my Maple tree and lilac bush and I was excited for spring.

This afternoon I sadly watched snowflakes fall from the sky and cover the green grass, the Maple tree and lilac bush.  The robins had flown away probably in search of a warm place to nestle.  I've always thought that this was Old Man Winter's way of reminding us Yoopers that the calendar may say spring but it isn't spring until he says it is spring.

So I will try not to get upset by the snow because it is April after all and no matter how much Old Man Winter sends us, spring will be here very soon.  I am content with that thought.

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