Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

I wrote the following post for the school newsletter when I was working as a teacher.  A friend reprinted it in the church newsletter this year as well as posting it on facebook (with my permission, of course).  I want to share it with you on this Valentine's Day.


Valentines! Who can resist them? Valentines help us to remember family and friends. But what about the valentines God sends?God sends valentines? Why not? Valentines are expressions of love and God loves us all. So why wouldn't God send us valentines, not just on Valentine's Day but all year long! Think about how many ways God sends you valentines -- expressing His love for you. Look at all of creation around you, look into the eyes of smiling children, feel the warmth of a friend's arm around you when life is disappointing, listen to the laughter of a new baby or the stories told by grandparents, feel the peace that fills your soul when you sit in church and listen to God's Holy Word. These are just a few of the valentines God sends you each and every day. So when February 14th comes and goes and the flowers have lost their blooms, the candy has all been eaten and the paper valentines have been tucked away, remember there is One who will continue to send you expressions of His love, if you will only take the time to receive them.

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