Saturday, July 1, 2017

I Love America because of...

1.  The beauty.  I am sure that many people think their country is the most beautiful.  I think America is beautiful.  The mountains, hills, valleys, deserts, plains, forests, lakes, rivers, everything about it just yells, "Look at me!!  I am beautiful!"  Yet, the most beautiful parts of America is not its landscape but its people.  People who came to this "new world" from so many other places and created a country so unique that it cannot be duplicated.  That is the true beauty of this country.

2.  The people.  Yes, I love the American people.  We are a people who argue, fight, and debate but we are also a people of fun, laughter, kindness, support, hopes and dreams.  Yes, we divide ourselves thru politics, religion, color, gender and beliefs but we also come together as one country when we need to.  Just look at 9/11 if you don't agree with me.  We are a people who volunteer to serve in the armed forces to protect not only our country but other countries as well.  We are a people who take care of those who need help with food and shelter, protect those who are too young, too old or unable to care for themselves.

3.  The freedoms.  We are a nation who have rights to speak, live, pray and believe without persecution.  Yes, we do...even when there are some or many who don't agree with any of it. We are a country who believes in the words of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and our National Anthem.  We believe in the American flag which just the sight of can bring tears to the eyes of many people whether they are American or not.

4.  The imperfections.  No, we are not a perfect country made up of perfect people.  Humans are imperfect and because of that, mistakes great and small are made.  We do not do everything right all the time but we are also a country where we have the opportunities and abilities to change what is wrong.  These changes can come in the forms of the right to protest, the right to vote and the right to voice our opinions.

Today many say that America is going downhill and that it no longer is the beacon it used to be.  Yes, it seems that this country is in a deep, deep hole but she has been there in the past and has always risen up from it.  I believe she will do that again.  You can say I am wrong or looking thru rose-colored glasses and that is your right in this country. 

However, on this 4th of July, I am proud to stand up and voice my love for this country and to proudly call myself an American.

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