Monday, July 17, 2017

Inspiration for Monday, July 17

My children are adults now and they still do this.  Often my son shows up at the house after work.  He makes himself a snack, takes a shower and stays the night.  His comment to me is "I just wanted to be home tonight."  I like that alot.


  1. What a beautiful home you have built with your husband, Ellen. It couldn't have been easy. Such homes are not constructed with ease.

    My husband grew up in one, but I didn't. My childhood and a great part of my adulthood was deeply unpleasant due to abuse; no amount of money can induce me to return to the houses that are still there because those are places where the flame of love never burned and never will.

    When I married, it hadn't sunk into me that I had come from abuse, so I brought a lot of my buried anger and confusion into my marital home. Hence, in those early days, our home was one buffeted by winds both beautiful and ugly, as I loved my family as best as I could even as I struggled through depression, anger and helplessness. Sadly, I tore down a lot of my home then. But my husband, blessed with the strength of St Joseph, quietly and determinedly built back whatever I had wrecked. He held on for us both and for our kids.

    About 6 years ago, I finally took the Hand God had been holding out to me for so long, and found a strength and clarity not mine. I finally saw my past for what it was. I saw what I was headed for. And I was never the same again - in a good way!

    That was when I joined my husband in building the life we now have, where this home of ours has become a sanctuary for us and for the kids, and slowly, for other relatives of ours too.

    I hope this will always be a place where our kids can safely and freely be who they are. Just like yours now, I hope my children will always know that here the doors will never be locked to them, requiring keys that must be bought. Here, they will always,... always, be welcomed by love.

    1. Isn't it wonderful to see how God's plan for you brought you a strong husband who would carry the load until you could join in the heavy lifting? It is hard to put the past away especially when its effects continue into adulthood. I am so happy that you took God's Hand and moved forward. My prayers are with you always.

    2. Thank you for praying for me, Ellen. Yes, God sent my husband to save me. And the best part is, while I didn't see it then, I do now - I married my Best Friend!