Saturday, August 6, 2022

Two weeks until my youngest son gets married.  We are so excited to welcome another
wonderful, intelligent woman into our family.  Being the only woman in a family of
males, I was excited to welcome a dil into the family 17 years ago when my oldest son
married and now I get to do it again. I do not think of them as dil, they are daughters to
me and B.  We thank the Almighty every day for bringing into our sons' lives two women
who love them almost as much as their parents.

We have a dead tree next to our driveway whose limbs have grown into our electrical
wires. I contacted our local power company because in the past they have come out and
taken a tree down for free that might damage the wires.  The guy came out Thursday and
told us they don't do that anymore but they would come out take the wires down, let us
get the tree down and then reattach the wires for no charge.  I was disappointed as I
wanted the tree down before the storms of winter roared thru but now B says we will
wait for next spring when we can afford to hire professionals to do it.

As I wrote in a previous post, the deer had a wonderful buffet eating my potted flowers
and a good portion of my hostas. Some survived the buffet but have passed on with too
hot temperatures and/or too much rain.  However, one potted begonia has proved
herself to be the strongest and bounced back prettier than ever.  Gives me hope.

My cat Al has a furry friend across the road by the name of Winchester.  He is a
white and brown Persian and has been known to come to our back window at night and
they "talk" to each other. We had not seen him all summer and we were sure he had not
made it thru the winter.  He is an outdoor cat while our Al is strictly indoors.  Well,
Wednesday we saw Winchester for the first time all year come running up the driveway
to sit at the back window and announce his arrival to our Al.  Al went running, very
happy to see his friend.

I made two meatless meals this week and got my new family's stamp of approval on
them (dil is the vegetarian in the family).

      "Tortellini-Vegetable Bake" - B does not usually like vegetarian meals or tortellini
        but he liked it so much, he asked that I make it again soon.  Great review from him.

      "Baked Ziti" - I substituted mushrooms for the sausage in this recipe and it was
        another winner.

Well, we are back to wearing masks again.  Not every place we go to but more than a
month ago. Nice things about masks is that you don't have to worry about makeup too
much and you can make faces at your husband's weird jokes and he doesn't know it.


  1. Congratulations to your son and his fiancee! I wish them many happy years together.
    I've continued to mask up even as restrictions lifted, unless I'm outdoors and can keep my distance from others. I might not be married, but I've been known to make faces at others who annoy me - the mask is certainly a benefit for that :)

  2. I'm so glad your cat's friend turned up. We have had cats all our married lives (54 years), but our last one passed at the beginning of the pandemic and I've not the heart to get another (yet). We do have several outside ferals we provide sanctuary for. And like you, when one goes off, we fear for it, but are so happy when he/she shows up again.
    Also I've been Gluten Free for over a year now... and some of the GF products are really good (not all) so DH will eat them also. Glad your hubby liked the veggie meal.
    And we haven't stopped wearing masks. Not sure this virus is through with us. And you are right, it's great not to wear make-up... and strange to put a mask on before going into our bank...